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3 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsule (Good for 3 months supply)

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3 Boxes.Good for 3 months supply.Zi Xiu Tang is superior to most weight loss products for several reasons. First of all, it’s absolutely risk-free and the working process is gradual. It’s made up of bioactive substances extracted from 100% natural plant. Then Zi Xiu Tang can control excessive eating and cravings. By reducing fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face, Zi Xiu Tang works great in reshaping your figure while still making your skin elastic. Last but not least, Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen provides a natural energy boost to your metabolism and helps clean all the toxins out. 

Main Ingredients: 
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber,etc. 
After-sale Service: 
If you have any questions or need more information or if you have received damaged goods, please feel free to contact us directly! 

Please make sure your shipping address and contact number are correct, otherwise you will cover all the fees for reshipment, wish you can understand.

5 Stars ( Total 43 Reviews)

satisfied by Dora Bryan
I have been taking zi xiu tang for 1 month and lost 11lbs, i am satisfied with the weight loss but my biggest problem was constipation, i have dry mouth so i have drank a lot of water so dont no why im still constipated...

I have been taking these pills for 3 weeks and i have dfinitely found that it has suppressed my appetite, i don’t have side effects so far except a bit dry mouth but i feel ok with it, it is not to the point where i can’t stand

Lose weight by Melissa Greene
I've been using these zi xiu tang pills for a week and so far I lost 5 pounds with 3 times workout, I always have a DRYMOUTH but I drink lots of water and it was lessened, I just hope I keep dropping the pounds, i’m looking forwards to losing 20 pounds to get my wanted weight..

Good results by Esther Hansen
I'm on my third week of taking Zi Xiu Tang and so far i have lost 10 pounds, i went from a size 15 to a 12. They do good at suppressing appetite and i no longer crave snacks, i still have another 30 more lbs to go and hope they can continue the effect

Zi xiu tang is GOOD by Yvonne Clarke
I started taking ZI XIU TANG BEE POLLEN one month ago, I started at 177 and now I’m at 165, Works really GOOD, I am keeping on, I still have a lot to lose…

Thank you by Constance Little
Got the parcel today, thank you for quick delivery, will start tomorrow morning, hope it works, keeping my fingers crossed

Works amazingly by Lana Lambert
Zi xiu tang works amazingly, my appetite is greatly curbed and i have lost 7 lbs already, strongly recommend it to u if u wanna to lose a few lbs

great pills by Geraldine Reeves
It works great, all my family and coworkers have noticed my changes, it is a miracle for me as i have always been over weight but now no longer now

So I have been taking the product for a little over 2 weeks. I feel in order for me to give a proper review it needs to be detailed. here goes:I am 5ft 7 black and 29 yrs. At the time I started the pills 162 lbs.Waiting for the result.

 by Renee Carter
it works good, I have lost 12 lbs in a month within 1 month

The weight is dropping! by Renee Garrett
I used to do exercise to lose weight but the effect is discouraging, I am so happy that I can now choose smaller size when shopping after reducing 25pounds by taking Zi xiu tang bee pollen, aha :)

very effective by Victoria Cole
My frame of mind is very positive, I also seem to have more energy. I did not change my eating habits at all, but after taking the pill 1/2 hour before meals I have noticed I am not eating as much and I am full longer.

 by Angelica Tran
I can’t love these pills more!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was almost 85kgs and never below 80kgs when I at the my most slim period, now I am 71kgs!!!!!!!!

wonderful pills by Marcia Vaughn
Zi xiu tang bee pollen totally suppressed my appetite and pushed me to take water, it works great and without feeling jittery! So wonderful!

I am more excited about using this Zi Xiu Tang slimming capsule because it generally gives me more energy throughout the day. I've lost a couple of pounds already and the added energy is well worth the cost of these pills.

Lost fat without excercising. by Jacqueline Cook
I have been using this for 3 weeks. I lost 2 pounds without any excercising. There is definiately a drastic change in my figure. I was skeptical at first but Im glad I took it.

LOOOOVE IT by Darlene Franklin
I weigh myself after a month’s dosage, 7kg is reduced! Wow, that’s really a big change, you know, it is a much happier thing to go shopping now LOL

very good by Viola Black
I love them after finishing a pack, i have lost 5.5kgs in a month, it controlled my appetite but i eat 3 meals a day to make sure i can keep health

After my second child I just kept gaining weight, tried several times to go on diets and fitness programs but I never successfully lost anything. I first heard of Zi Xiu Tang and I was hesitant to start popping pills but decided to give it a try. After all,I'm glad I tried it.

like it by Annette Garrett
No pill is magic in a bottle, I work out moderately, I eat moderately, I have an excess of 100 pounds to lose. Im not sure if I got weight lost because the pill. But since after taken this ZI XIU TANG, I feel more energy so that I can do longer time training. So I guess its really helpful.

Working great,appetite reduced.! by Marilyn Alexander
I have been taking this for one week.Within three days I noticed a reduction in my stomach. I worked up to the full dose by day 6. After one week I lost 1.5 pounds with no changes in eating and no exercise. I suppose I ate less because of the appetite reduced.

 by Holly Jimenez
I have got the pills today, they are in nice condition, i appreciate your good service

good zi xiu tang! by Leticia Knight
It definitely works good to be a great appetite suppressant, only one pill in the early morning and I can control my stomach whole day

thanks by Gwendolyn James
Just got the parcel, thanks, everything is OK, i read some of the comments about this product and i can’t wait to start them :)

I love it! by Elisa Carpenter
I have lost 5 size jeans in about 3 months!! I got dry mouth and no appetite, all in all, i love it and strongly recommend it

 by Linda Cruz
Wonderful they work! I have dropped about 14 pounds till now and I have much smaller belly!! very satisfied

good so far by Michele Wilkerson
i am on it for two weeks and lost 4lbs, I am suppose to have a wedding reception two month later so i hope i can lost at least 15 lbs before that, fingers crossed

I am losing weight by Dixie Jensen
I use it almost as directed I take this and I take this pill about 30 min before I plan on eating. This helped boost my weight loss, I was losing on average 3 pounds a week and am now seeing 6.

zi xiu tang work well by Bryan green
where the new product helps me lose weight and want to go to the gym, then the work out helps me build calories and it goes around and around. I love it.

feel obvious change by Robin Sandoval
I have been taking it every day, for 2 weeks now, I can feel obvious change in the appetite and energy. Is it required to exercise? I am lazy to do exercise and hope this beepollen diet pills is enough to burn fat.

zi xiu tang natural product by Macdonald williams
I researched the contents and could see that they are all natural. Its a nice way to lose weight and snag a little more energy.

New product effect is as good as in the past, let my body slim, the only complaint is logistics slightly slower than the last.

I feel like they help suppress my appetite and I plan to continue taking them and hope to lose at least 5 to 10 more pounds.

I have been trying to get healthier by eating better and getting more exercise . In two months I have lost 9 pounds. I like the New meizitang because they have no unpleasant side effects and they don't leave any unpleasant taste in your mouth etc.

Feel bee pollen works great. by Wanda Henderson
I am a very healthy,active person and work out about five times a week.I don't use diets,just eat in moderation and exercise.I have some extra weight to lose around my midsection and have been taking this product for two weeks. Feel it works great.

cut appetite! by Sheryl Lambert
It works for me! It help greatly at appetite suppressing, a bit dry mouth always push me to drink water, I think that should be one is its working principle

Awesome!  by Anne Pierce
I have lost 6kgs without diet and exercises, i strongly recommend this product and seller, very good

I've been taking this for about a month now. The biggest difference is that I will notice I have food left on my plate that I forgot to eat. Eating smaller portions has been a big plus in helping me with weight reduction. I am going to keep taking this for a long time.

works well for me by Bobbie Baker
Zixiutang beepollen capsules works well for me. I reduced 25 lbs now, less than 3 months. I am on the third box now and would like to continue to use the pills until my weight back to 100lbs. I am confident that that day would come soon.

so happy  by Rebecca Wise
I had to stop taking this pills as I have a baby now. But this pills helped me reduced some weight indeed. 2 months ago, I am about 21 lbs heavier than now. I have my baby very unexpectedly, but I am so happy and I think I should not take any pills now. In all, like this product so much.

I am losing weight by Susie Maldonado
I bought zi xiu tang 2 weeks ago, took one pill at first to let my body adjust to it and a week later, no bad thing appear, I started to take 2 per day, I definitely also did 3 times workout a week to have better slimming results and the weight went form 167 to 160 now, Great!

it works by Ruby Sanders
This pills works by far, ive tried several pills, i dont know if they will work for you but this ones worked just fine for me

 by Ann margolis
I took bee pollen for one month, The dry mouth does happen. no any other side effect, it is better for you to lose weight that keep your body have enough water.

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