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2 Boxes Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsule (Good for 2 months supply)

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2 Boxes,good for 2 months supply. Zi Xiu Tang is superior to most weight loss products for several reasons. First of all, it’s absolutely risk-free and the working process is gradual. It’s made up of bioactive substances extracted from 100% natural plant. Then Zi Xiu Tang can control excessive eating and cravings. By reducing fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face, Zi Xiu Tang works great in reshaping your figure while still making your skin elastic. Last but not least, Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen provides a natural energy boost to your metabolism and helps clean all the toxins out. 

250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle 

Main Ingredients: 
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber,etc. 

After-sale Service: 
If you have any questions or need more information or if you have received damaged goods, please feel free to contact us directly! 

Please make sure your shipping address and contact number are correct, otherwise you will cover all the fees for reshipment, wish you can understand.

5 Stars ( Total 36 Reviews)

They are working by Rosemarie George
They are working and i am amazed with my results so far! I was 168 and now i am 153! I take it before i eat anything for breakfast and it can suppress my appetite for the whole day, the only thing that happens to me is my mouth gets really dry and i needs to drink water, lots of water...except that, it has no other side effects, which is really good, i think it’s worth a shot

Awesome product! by Lisa Townsend
Zi Xiu Tang is AWESOME! I’ve been on them 2 months and lost 11kgs now!! I found my appetite was suppressed soon after taking the capsules, i do a bit exercise every day to make sure i won’t rebound after stopping the pills LOL, my cousin is also taking it and losing weight, she said she always felt thirsty but i feel not too bad, it may work differently on everyone i guess..

Love Zi Xiu TANG by Marsha Tate
Love Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen! so far I have lost 4 pounds! Yes, it's true feels no hungry at all, i can go with only a small amount of foods and no snacks with no difficult, i was jitters at the first day but it went away later and now my side effect is only dry mouth, good!

Quick delivery by Kristi Carpenter
Got it today, quick delivery is really appreciated, my friend told me this product, she has been taking it for some time and she looks great, my current weight is 78kgs, I was slim girl, but now I am a fat mom, I’d like to also look good with estimate 20kg cut at least, wish me good luck

it seems work for me by Nicole Robbins
So far it seems to be suppressing my appetite, very good

thank you by Marsha Carlson
I've lost just over 5 pounds in a very short time, I have taken the zixiutang capsules for 2 weeks now and without even trying. I love the product... Thank you

The directions suggest that for weight loss you gradually increase from 1 to 2 capsules per serving. I did this as directed and have complete appetite control with Zi Xiu Tang caspules.

Work for me by Lora Allen
I have dropped from 140 to 130 in a month by taking ZXT pills, it’s a bit slow as I also go to gym 3 times per week, but that’s OK, I don’t mind the slow speed as I fell great with the health losing way, I prefer to have plenty of water, fruits etc, that’s really a wonderful fresh feeling when far away from high calories food.

This is an A+++ item. by Helen Russell
This is an A+++ item.It has helped with maintaining great metabolism burn and meeting my weight loss goals. Very pleased!

I recommend zi xiu tang by Jeanne Vargas
My friends did gain good result with Zixiutang and she recommended this to me, I weigh 158lbs and now i have lost 20lbs, i will get my goal soon after reducing another 20lbs LOL, excited!

I love it by Joy Houston
I received my order on time in fact I think it was a day early. I took the zxt capsules as directed I lost 4lbs the first week and they helped curb my appetite. It works for me and I don't have any side effects.

This product has helped me very much. i have hypothyroidism and this helped me with losing weight and giving me that additional boost of energy that I need.

I've been using zi xiu tang Bee Pollen for about 1-2 weeks and have lost 2 lbs so far without hitting the gym or changing my diet.This product works very well for me and I'll continue taking it.

man this stuff really works and the pills dont taste bad at all, easy way to drop some lbs. thanks Zi Xiu Tang.

 by Caroline Nelson
the appetite is suppressed much after taking zixiutang and I eat less now, I think they will help me some

Lost 12 Pounds by Annie Lopez
I used this Bee Pollen diet pills combined with reducing my food intake by about 20% and doing some mild exercising 3 times per week and I lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks.

Thank you mom for introducing me to this. It has really helped me to get over the hump, just like you said. I don't plan to use this for my entire weight loss plan, because serious dieting and exercise is needed. But it helped me to get started, and I am so thankful for it.

It works well for me, definitely less hungry, but weight is coming off slowly due to many factors. My friend is having tremendous success and is thrilled with product. She also feels much more energized. We'll both keep using it!

 by Patricia Griffin
I have took another diet pills before using zixiutang and that pill do work for me, unfortunately, I was at a stand still after 2 months, I have to change one and zixiutang is what I am taking now, I heard a lot of good thing about it so i gave it a try,, it enables my body drop fat again and I appreciate it much!

I've been overweight my entire life and have tried almost everything under the sun to lose the extra pounds. Hearing about this product gave me something new to try. O mg! I'm so happy I did. I've been taking the product faithfully since Feb 24th and proud to say I've gotten down 12pounds!

I didn't notice anything unusual about the packaging, so I can't comment on that, but it looks like a very good product to me, it smells well. I have noticed after two weeks of taking these that my appetite has decreased and my clothes are looser. I hope it all continues.

I'm an active college student who works two jobs who cant always make it to the gym, so the extra energy boost this product provides helps me a lot. It suppresses my cravings, but i still get hungry, which helps me make wiser food choices.

zi xiu tang less sweets by Ruth evelyn
I started taking these in January. I cut out most sweets and have controlled my food portions but not to any extreme and I only work out for an hour or two a week. As of today I have lost 30 pounds this year. They seem to be helping me a lot.

good product by Deborah Barker
I was tired of all the diet pills that sound working but actually not, fortunately, ZXT BEE POLLEN doesn’t belong to that kind, it really excited me when I found I have lost 2kgs in 10 days! I am planning to combine some exercise to have quicker effect

feel the energy difference by Henrietta Webb
Have used the pills for 2 weeks now and I feel the energy difference already and it's only been a few days! Love it, I would recommend this great zixiutang to someone else for sure!

good by Frances Smith
Great product! I feel awesome, full and confident. Lost 5lbs in 2 weeks... All of which is stomach fat. Nice work. If my sister are willing to try this, I would like to share mine with her and then place my new order. Like it so much.

great stuff by Hannah Tran
I really wish I would be coming on here and boasting about how great this stuff worked for me. I am almost done with the bottle, did everything the website said, and lost 13 lbs in this month. No bad feeling and always feel energetic. Like the pills so much.

curbed my appetite by Mary Boyd
As for me, I lost 7 pounds the first month, but that was being strict with the diet and long walks. It seems to have also curbed my appetite somewhat, I'm less hungry and am having smaller portions now. So happy I chose this product to be my helper.

Happy with the result by Marilyn Mann
I'm allowing my stomach to shrink back to its normal smaller size. No more 22 ounce steaks with baked potatoes for dinner three times a week. All owes to this amazing beepollen. Happy with the result.

 by Urim rivera
my first try bee pollen, just taking 2 days, I feel the difference with other pills,begin to reduce my appetite, I will continue to try, if it still great feeling as the 2 days, I will recommend to you.

 by Ruben Khan
zixiutang bee pollen provides an exclusively smooth weight loss process that helps keep me motivated. the process of lose weight is relax, not painful, great.

 by jose Guerra
I love zxt bee pollen, great slimming pills for me, I lost 15 lbs taking them, I will continue to take, thanks

 by Sophie Smith
The effective is good, and no side effective, can sleep well.

 by Scott alley
takes 3 days got my order, so fast! i have bee taking the pills for 7 days, my appetite isn't so good than before, good things happen to me, thanks this site.

 by Frances Folk
i was overweight from my childhood, i hated taking any pills for lose weight,but now it was dangerous for me healthy, i have to decide to drop my weight,we got the negative news from internet, many of them said pills were fake, they couldn't find the original pills, i read many reviews and find this site, it was good impressed for me, good customer service, i placed my first order, it works well, lost 15 lbs in less than one month, give me a big courage to lose weight, thanks so much,

 by yessica Mcgee
Learn more about this product including benefits and side effects,I decided to try, my friends told me just feel thirsty and want to drink.

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